Vallatest Technologies offers warranty service for our different categories of products. Below is the description of services available for the various product groups.

By purchasing any product from us, you agree to all warranty terms stated herein.

Pre-owned or used products sold by Vallatest Technologies carry a limited warranty period of 30 days. New devices purchased from Vallatest Technologies fall under standard manufacture’s warranty and conditions, and may be redeemable at Manufacturers Warranty/Service Centers provided they offer such services and the product is still within their stipulated period. Please note that Vallatest Technologies does not offer any warranty for Brand New devices.

All after-sales issues for new devices should be forwarded to Manufacturer’s warranty/service centers while warranty-supported issues for pre-owned devices should be forwarded to Vallatest Technologies.


  1. Warranty is valid upon presentation of proof of purchase consisting of original invoice or sales slip indicating purchase date, seller’s name, product model, and serial number. Vallatest Technologies reserves the right to refuse warranty if any of this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase from our store.
  2. Warranty for pre-owned devices is limited and as such does not cover the following:
    1. User-caused damages such as but not limited to physical damages, liquid damages, electrical surge damages, accidents, fire damages, improper ventilation,
    1. Repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, damages resulting from abuse or misuse of product or use of wrong or incorrect accessories, wrong installations and inconsistency with the technical instructions for use of the product
    1. Any cause beyond the control of Vallatest Technologies.

    1. Unauthorized modification carried out on the product.

  3. Vallatest Technologies obligations is limited to repair of the defect or replacement of the defective part. Please note that our warranty service does not entail replacement or swapping of the product/device, nor a refund for the product.

Warranty repairs for pre-owned or used devices must be carried out by Vallatest Technologies authorized service center(s). Vallatest Technologies shall not be liable for damages and claims resulting from unauthorized repairs of products.

  • Repairs or replacement of products under the terms of this warranty does not extend or renew the warranty period. 
  • This warranty is not transferable. This warranty will be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy and neither Vallatest Technologies nor its partners shall be liable for any damages of any breach of any express or implied warranty of this product.


Vallatest Technologies shall not be liable for loss of any data saved in products that are either repaired or replaced.

The policies above are for only warranty services, and the customer will be responsible for any cost associated with non-warranty conditions.

Vallatest Technologies reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the determination of the problem and the appropriate service option.

In any case that Vallatest Technologies offers at its discretion to replace/exchange a product/unit, products/units exchange assumes the remaining warranty period of the original product.

Notice of price fluctuations

We wish to notify you that due to the unstable exchange rates, prices displayed may not be valid at the time you want to purchase. Kindly reconfirm the current price of any product before placing an order

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