Ldnio SC-2311 Socket and charger

Ldnio SC-2311 Socket and charger



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Ldnio SC-2311 Socket the SC-2311 Shielded Carrier is an accessory used for signal conditioning. The NI SC-2311 is ideally suitable for laptop as well as for desktop applications. The SC-2311 can interface to eight 5B Series modules and eight SSR Series modules at the same time. The SC-2311 provides an easy to use and clean solution for analog/digital signal conditioning when used with the 5B Series modules, SSR Series modules, and a shielded 68-pin E Series cable, that portable and as well as rugged too.

For non-isolated measurements, the SC-2311 has 50 terminal block connections. These connections enable users to have direct access to E Series DAQ devices, I/O signals. The SC-2311 contains an internal terminal block, which is used for connecting to 5B Series modules also it can be used for connecting SSR Series modules. By using panelettes, the SC-2311 permits user for optimized connectivity to the terminal blocks.

For high performance and low-cost analog signal conditioning, the SC-2311 is used with 5B Series modules. The SC-2311 combined with a 5B Series module provides a solution to measure analog input signal measurements like voltage, resistance, current, frequency, and temperature. When used with an SSR Series module, the NI SC-2311 provides a means for controlling / sensing digitally from field devices. The SC-2311 can indicate status of each SSR module through light emitting diodes (LEDs). To set up the SC-2311 shielded carrier, NI-DAQ 6.9 or later driver software is required.

Ldnio SC-2311 Socket

  • LDNIO SC2311 20W 3-Port USB Charger Extension Power Strip
  • Brand: LDNIO
  • USB Port: 2 x USB + 1 x PD
  • USB Output:-PD Output: 5V-3A,9V-2A,12V-1.67A 20W(MAX)-QC3.0 Output:5V-3A 9V-2A 12V-1.5A 18W(MAX)-AUTO-ID Output:5V-2.4A
  • Rated Power: 2500W
  • Sockets: 2 sockets Combo
  • Plug Type:: Universal


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